Farha Sayeed
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Farha Sayeed - Egg Artist, Painter, Calligraphist & Philanthropist

Farha Sayeed, wife of an Indian diplomat, holds a  Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English Literature. She pursues varied interests in arts and crafts. While Farha is an accomplished Egg Artist and has pursued the art to a high professional level, she is equally adept at Silk Painting, charcoal painting, Thermo Cole painting, Tile Painting, Aluminum foil work, Glass Painting, glitter and Zardori work, Soft-toy making and Calligraphy.

Farha has been pursuing Egg Art since 1998 and has constantly improvised and experimented with the fusion of Indian and Islamic elements, to this otherwise Western art.

Farha's repertoire of egg art include a wide selection of decorated Ostrich, Emu, Goose, Duck, Turkey, Guinea and Hen eggs. Each of Farha’s eggshells are intricately cut, carved and decorated by hand and ornamented using pearls, beads, crystals, brocade, velvet, satin, golden laces and rhinestone chains, making each piece a masterpiece and one of its kind. Farha employs various techniques for decorating egg shells like cutting, carving, decoupage, trolling, etching, engraving, dyeing and bead work.

Farha creates each egg art piece with great precision and ingenuity, involving several man hours of intricate work. The resulting Objets d’Art are masterpieces which would lead the connoisseurs of art on a voyage into the realm of beauty and splendor.

She uses a high speed tool for cutting to reduce torque and thus prevent shattering. Shells are treated then with liquid polymer to strengthen and preserve their natural beauty. The eggs are mounted on beautiful silver and golden stands.
  All eggs used for artistry belong to hatchery or farm grown birds only. No eggs are taken from the wild.

Farha has organized several solo exhibitions of her egg art in countries like Denmark, Saudi Arabia, India and Yemen.

Farha is a member of the International Egg Art Guild (IEAG), which is a non-profit association of artists, artisans, and craftspeople who work with natural eggs as an art or folk art medium.

Farha is the only recognized professional Egg Artist in India.  She is a pioneer in promoting Egg Art in India. Several articles have been written on her art in prestigious newspapers and magazines of India and abroad.

Full collection of Farha's egg collections can be viewed from her website: www.eggdeco.com.

Philanthropic Activities

Apart from pursuing Egg Art, Painting and Calligraphy, Farha devotes considerable time for philanthropic work.  She was the President of Heads' of Missions Spouses' Association (HOMSA) from 2011-2013 during which she organized several charity events and activities in support of destitute women and orphans in Yemen. 

Farha Sayeed headed the women’s wing of the Indian Pilgrim Welfare Forum (IPWF), a non-profit organization based in Jeddah, and played an important role in arranging general, medical and spiritual counseling for the women Hajj pilgrims from India, besides distributing 'Ihram' clothes and cash assistance to destitute pilgrims.

She also extended support to the HOPE Centre for the children of special needs in Jeddah, which was the only center meant for international children for special needs in Jeddah. She was the one who took the initiative of organizing an international bazaar with the assistance of other spouses of diplomats to raise funds for the HOPE Center.  This had helped the HOPE centre to move to a permanent place from their temporary location.

She is also involved in several such charitable activities in India.

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